Carry-Her® Inc.

Carry-Her fits all 16"-18" Dolls

Introducing Carry-Her Inc.

Founder and inventor of the Carry-Her doll carrier, backpack, Roberta Wagner is first a mom. While she grew tired of lugging around her little girls doll, she was inspired to create the solution. Ro was very happy to allow her daughter to bring her doll on excursions. She was not so happy when shortly into the trip, the doll was under her own arm, not her daughters. Ro realized she was not alone. Several trips to NYC, and numerous tea party's made it more evident. Moms everywhere were left toting dolls. Some moms had a doll under each arm, others even more. Something needed to be done. There had to be an easy way for young girls to carry their own doll.

One evening while planning a trip to NYC, Ro had her vision. Realizing her daughter has no problem carrying a backpack, she felt the same should be true about the doll. Ro had a few requirements for the bag.

  • The bag had to be lightweight.
  • It needed to be in the form of a backpack.
  • She wanted a design that was simple and easy to use.
  • Viewing the doll and her outfit must not be inhibited
  • Finally, she wanted to be able to stow it in her purse when not in use

The Carry-Her® was born. The design allows the little girl in your life, to carry her doll all day long. Fatigue is not an issue, with the lightweight design and adjustable straps. Your daughter won't even realize she is carrying her doll, all by herself!

Mission Statement

It is our intent to remove the chore. Carry-Her allows focus on the fun, so you can include your doll on all future excursions. Your daughter may consider her doll a friend, companion, or just someone who looks up to her. With the Carry-Her, being a role model is easy. Your daughter will be able to display responsibility. When she uses her doll carrier, mom isn't left holding the bag.