Carry-Her® Inc.

Carry-Her® fits all 16"-18" Dolls

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Carry-Her is a doll carrier backpack for 16"-18" dolls, such as American Girl Doll.  It is lightweight and easy to use. Moms love it just as much as little girls.  Moms hands are now free, and so are her little girls. Your daughter will be proud to bring along her doll, as Carry-Her makes it easy.  A comfortable design allows the doll to piggy back all day long.  Fatigue is not an issue, with the lightweight design and adjustable straps.  Your daughter won't even realize she is carrying her doll all by herself!

With this Carry-Her, you get two products.  You get the doll carrier backpack to hold your 16"-18" doll.  You also get the Carry-Her Mini.  The Mini will hold your folded-up, full-size backpack.  The mini can be worn by your doll or tossed in mom's purse for easy storage while not in use.  Both the Carry-Her backpack and the mini, are made with a plush, black micro suede fabric.  It will compliment any outfit on your little girl and her doll.  ---Patented---

Recommended for ages 8+

Shipping via USPS is $2.25 first bag plus $.50 ea. additional bag. Orders greater than (4) please check cost before checkout (Use "ViewCart" button). NYS Residents 8% sales tax

Personalized embroidery, starting at $9.95

Add your name or doll name in matching pink embroidery. Price inludes names containing ten letters or less. Please allow an additional five business days for embroidery.

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